Canton Fair Purchasers List
(广交会参展采购商名单) Canton Fair Purchasers List (广交会参展采购商名单)

7. Aman Company For Batteries And Tyres

7. Aman Company For Batteries And Tyres is an international purchaser taking part the canton fair in China, it's from Libya and need to buy products of Auto Parts etc. categories. (该公司是一家参加中国广东交易会的国际采购商,来自利比亚,需要购买的产品类别包括:汽车配件等。)

Enterprise Information (企业资料):

  • Company Name (公司名称):
7. Aman Company For Batteries And Tyres
  • Country (国家/地区):
Libya (利比亚)
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Contact Method (联系方式):

  • Contact Person (联系人员):
Mohamed Suliman Abusaa
  • Telephone (电话号码):
00218 21 3705102/10/3705089/90/3705110
  • Fax Number (传真号码):
00218 21 3705111/3705116/3705118/3705117
  • Address (办公地址):
Industrial Compound Tajoura', Sidi Abdd Kareem Road . P.O.Box 30737 Tripoli
  • Postal Code (邮政编码):
  • Email (电子邮件):
  • Website (网站网址):

Purchase Category (采购类别):

  • Industry Category (行业分类):
Auto Parts (汽车配件)
  • Procurement of Products (采购产品):
  • Buy Data (购买数据):
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Country Industry (各地分类):

Auto Parts Category  (汽车配件分类):

1. Australia Auto Parts  (澳大利亚汽车配件)
2. Bangladesh Auto Parts  (孟加拉国汽车配件)
3. China Auto Parts  (中国汽车配件)
4. Canada Auto Parts  (加拿大汽车配件)
5. France Auto Parts  (法国汽车配件)
6. Germany Auto Parts  (德国汽车配件)
7. Hong Kong Auto Parts  (香港汽车配件)
8. India Auto Parts  (印度汽车配件)
9. Indonesia Auto Parts  (印度尼西亚汽车配件)
10. Iran Auto Parts  (伊朗汽车配件)
11. Italy Auto Parts  (意大利汽车配件)
12. Japan Auto Parts  (日本汽车配件)
13. Republic of Korea Auto Parts  (韩国汽车配件)
14. Macau Auto Parts  (澳门汽车配件)
15. Malaysia Auto Parts  (马来西亚汽车配件)
16. New Zealand Auto Parts  (新西兰汽车配件)
17. Pakistan Auto Parts  (巴基斯坦汽车配件)
18. Russia Auto Parts  (俄罗斯汽车配件)
19. Saudi Arabia Auto Parts  (沙特阿拉伯汽车配件)
20. Singapore Auto Parts  (新加坡汽车配件)
21. South Africa Auto Parts  (南非汽车配件)
22. Spain Auto Parts  (西班牙汽车配件)
23. Taiwan Auto Parts  (台湾汽车配件)
24. Turkey Auto Parts  (土耳其汽车配件)
25. United Kingdom Auto Parts  (英国汽车配件)
26. United States Auto Parts  (美国汽车配件)

More: Auto Parts Index Page  (汽车配件索引)

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